New Life

By the mid-2000s, officials at the Rio Texas Annual Conference saw only two options — deep change or slow death — and proposed planting a young congregation at Asbury to revitalize the place. Members, many of whom had built Asbury 60 years earlier, faced a question steeped in resurrection theology: Would they be willing to let their church die in order to have new life?

With the conference’s encouragement, Asbury members in 2010 invited Servant Church, a small group of 20- and 30-somethings, to worship in the fellowship hall. Over the next six years, as the new congregation thrived and the old one withered, Asbury began letting go, eventually relinquishing the entire church to Servant. The transition was fraught with resentment and grief but also buoyed by faith and hope. Asbury found an unexpected legacy, and Servant made the church new again.

If your church closed tomorrow, what legacy would it leave?

Today, Servant Church (link is external) is a lively, seeker-friendly congregation intently focused on the neighborhood and surrounding community. With a casual and imaginative worship that appeals to Austin’s creative types, Servant Church may not look or feel like Asbury. But at its core, in its own way, it is re-enacting the same story of a young church just starting out.Read here the full story

Reappointment Letter

Dear CCUMC members and friends,

On Monday, April 3, our District Superintendent, Rev. Jim Simpson, met with the Administrative Board to announce that I have received a new pastoral appointment to serve Hamilton United Methodist Church.

I write to you today to inform you of this appointment and that our time together as pastor and congregation is ending.  We’ve shared much together during the past seven years, and Rusty and I must admit that we are both saddened having to say good-bye, but we, too, have a sense of excitement about the potential for both my next church and for this church, and for all that God has in store for us in the next phase of ministry.

Pastor Jenn's Letter

Chancel Choir

Country Club United Methodist Church has a long-standing tradition of providing first-quality music for the church’s congregation and the community.


Jacob Lowry

Music Director           Jacob Lowry

For more information please contact Jacob Lowry at: Music at
or by calling the Church Office, (816)444-1616


Laura Lowry

Described as “magnificent, carrying each passage with effortless grace,” (KC Metropolis) soprano Laura Lowry is a versatile performer, equally adept in concert, recital, and opera.  Originally from Texas, Laura graduated summa cum laude from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. She is currently studying in Germany on a Fulbright Fellowship.

Michael Bader


Our Scholarship Singers offer valuable support to the choir and to our worship. Our new tenor, Michael Bader, has come to Kansas City to pursue a Master of Music Degree in voice at UMKC after recently graduating from South Dakota State University. He most recently was the Tenor Scholar at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Sioux City, Iowa.

Get In Touch

Country Club UMC offers several entering points for your family and friends:

CHOIR – meets every Wednesday at 7:30 pm. Please contact Jacob Lowry, Choir Director

SUNDAY SCHOOL for adults and children begins at 9:30 am

YOUTH and CHILDREN’S MINISTRY – we offer various curricula for every age group



Jamming Out with KC Urban Strings:

Jamming Out with KC Urban Strings:

Once a month, you are invited to join a Stage Day at 6:00 pm with a following short reception. Children will be passing out rhythm instruments to parents, siblings, younger students and other guests. I will teach each instrument their part and then we will put it all together.

Anne Calvert



Della Lamb: What Happens Now?

By Susan Fershee

Many thanks to those in our congregation who have contributed baby food, clothing, household goods and furniture for the incoming refugees whom Della Lamb continues to assist.

What comes next?  Some of you have asked me how the recent White House decision will affect the ability of Della Lamb Community Services to resettle refugees.  The quick answer is that one does not know for sure yet, but it will surely not be easy.

President Trump’s executive order last week immediately changing US policy for admitting refugees ostensibly has three parts, but in reality, it has four:

It halts the admitting of any refugees from Syria until further notice.

It suspends all refugee admissions from seven primarily Muslim countries for 120 days until further study determines the threat from those countries.

It caps the national intake of refugees for fiscal 2017 at 50,000, instead of the 110,000 previously authorized.

In addition, President Trump has made clear he would give priority to persecuted Christians.


The Candle of Christ

By Ken Starkey

We have been recruiting and instructing members for new hospitality teams to serve during Sunday morning and special worship services.  Ken has explained the symbolism of what an acolyte does when he or she lights the altar candles and extinguishes them during the Prelude and the concluding hymn of praise, respectively. When the acolyte processes with the candlelighter during the Prelude, she is bringing the light of Christ into the sanctuary to signal the beginning of worship.  The altar candles during the service symbolize the presence of God among the congregation during worship.  Before the acolyte extinguishes the candles during the final hymn of praise, she lights the candlelighter and carries it to the rear of the sanctuary, which reminds us of the calling of all disciples to carry the light of Christ into the world outside of the church’s walls during the week ahead.

Meet Our Staff

Our Pastor Jennifer Klein and her family, husband Rusty, daughters Tayler and Kelley and son Josef—began serving Country Club UMC in June 2010 after serving churches in Cameron and Kansas City.  Whether singing, playing the guitar or visually illustrating how we can become as effective as the early Christian church—an “Acts 2 church” in our community—her passion for worship arts and Christian service is generating powerful energy and enthusiasm.

Church Administrator Lydia Istomina

Church Administrator Lydia Istomina

Our Church Administrator Lydia Istomina may be over-qualified but Lydia certainly knows her way around a church and she’s a real blessing. Lydia had a short career in engineering, was a manager for a non-profit organization and after hearing the call to ministry became the founding pastor of a United Methodist Church in Yekaterinburg, Russia. She is the first woman pastor ever in her homeland. She is an author, award winner of the Sojourner Truth for courage and justice, and recipient of the Arlon O. Ebright Award for leadership. She’s a mentor at the UMKC Bloch School of Management. She received her DMin from St. Paul School of Theology. She and her husband Scott Kiddle care for her mother, Raisa, have two cats, and a dog. In her spare time, Lydia is learning to play the accordion.

Music Director Jacob Lowry

Music Director Jacob Lowry

Our Director of Music is Jacob Lowry, who received his Master’s Degree in Choral Conducting from Sam Houston State University and has experience in Music Ministry, Choral Conducting and as a soloist. Jacob works as a High School Voice Teacher in Lee Summitt, MO. His wife, Laura Lowry, is studying in Germany on a Fulbright Fellowship.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world

Our Vision

Growing Together In Grace With God and Others


 We at Country Club United Methodist Church welcome and affirm into the full life and ministry of our church people of every race, ethnicity, age, faith history, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, family configuration, physical ability, mental ability, educational status and economic status. We celebrate the gifts that God sends through the diversity of God’s people, and declare ourselves to be a Reconciling Congregation.