Recommended for: reoccurring donation, one-time donation

The online donation is similar to the EFT donation, but gives you more control over your donation amount and frequency.  Your first time making a donation, you’ll create an online donation profile by filling out the required personal information and bank account information on our Online Donation Portal.  Then you can set up a reoccurring donation or make a one-time donation.  You can adjust your donation frequency and amount anytime you want through your online donation account.  Each time you make a donation, there is a very minimal fee of $.25 that our service provider charges.  These fees are incurred by the church.  Our service provider, Vanco Payment Solutions, is PCI Level 1 compliant, so you know your information is secure.

How to set up an Online Donation Profile:

1. Go to our secure Online Donation Portal

2. Click on “Create Profile” on the right side of the page

3. Enter your email address that will be used as your login name and for communication (donation receipts emailed to you). Click “Continue”.

4. Enter your Personal Information and create a Password.  Click “Create Profile”.

Congratulations, you have created your Online Donation Profile.  Now you need to add your bank account information to make donations from.

Adding Bank Account information:

1. Click “Add Transaction”.

2. Select donation amount, frequency and start date.  Click “Continue”.

3. Select the account type from the “Account” Drop-down menu.

  • To add a Checking account select, “New Account – Checking” or for a Savings account select, “New Account – Savings

4. Input your bank account information.  The Information you will need is your bank’s routing number and your bank account number.  (See the sample on the donation screen.)  Click “Process”.

Congratulations, you’ve made your online donation!

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