What We Are All About


Our worship is an integration of technology and fresh gospel while preserving meaningful and time-honored practices.


We each seek to understand our purpose through worship, relationships and helping others.


Our congregation family takes pride in caring, supporting and listening to one other.


Together, we strive to improve lives by meeting others where they are.

What are you looking for?

Purpose. Meaning. Connection. We are a neighborhood church built on finding and discovering relationships with God and one another. Whatever you’re looking for on the path of life, we’re here to walk with you and grow with you.

What is our mission?

To make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

What is a reconciling congregation?

As a reconciling congregation, we believe that everyone is worthy of God’s love, plain and simple. More specifically we declare:
We at the Country Club United Methodist Church welcome and affirm into the full life and ministry of our church people of every race, ethnicity, age, faith history, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, family configuration, physical ability, mental ability, educational status, and economic status. We celebrate the gifts that God sends through the diversity of God’s people and declare ourselves to be a Reconciling Congregation.

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